Ass Smelling

Smell My Hairy Armpits & Ass! (wmv)

I just got home from an extra-long session at the gym, and I’m EXTREMELY stinky!  But no need for a shower… I have losers like YOU to intoxicate with my HAIRY STINK!  After expressing my disgust at the stench of my own hairy armpits and ass, I shove your face into my armpits.  I force you to inhale my stink and lick the smelly armpit cheese off my pit hair with your tongue.  Ewwww, are you getting HARD?  What a WEIRDO!  Far from done with you, I drag you over to my bed, where I sit on your face, forcing you to lick all the sweat from my hairy asscrack and clean my perfect hairy asshole with your tongue.  You’re going to cum with your tongue up my stinky asshole today, my disgusting little sweat pig!To give me the highest possible revenue from your purchase, please use my referral link to buy this clip!(Valid July 1st – Sept 30th, 2018){click here to buy the MP4 version of this clip instead}