Ass Eating

Lily’s Biker Gang (mp4 960×540)

Lily Lane & Dixie Comet”I came home and found our house full of bikers who grabbed me and brought me to our living room. There I see you, my wife, naked, tied up and gagged on our couch next to a tattooed biker babe, Lily. She mouths through her gag that she’s so sorry. Lily takes over and explains, Dixie was laundering money for the biker gang, but she embezzled money from them and they found out. And now we have to own up. First she’ll have “some fun” with your wife. She takes out her gag and she pleads with Lily not to let the guys gangbang her. They should try me instead, my ass is really stretched out, she’s put large strap-ons in it several times. Lily laughs. She hasn’t intended to let them fuck Dixie anyway. She wants Dixie for herself. But it’s so nice of her to offer my ass to her crew, she hadn’t thought about that. She tells the bikers to have fun with me while she amuses herself with you. She makes you please her orally and lick her ass while she watches me getting undressed and fucked by the guys, sometimes commenting on my moans and screams. After a while she cums and then you both watch, noticing how my little dick gets hard. Lily compliments you how you on how stretched out my ass is and is seemingly prepared me to become a little slut. You reveal that you were actually planning to have me suck cock and get fucked by real men anyway. Then Lily gets back to business: How do you intend to pay her back? Dixie tells her that we spent most of the money and asks if they can work out a deal? You’ll launder their money for free now and happily pleasure Lily whenever she feels like it. And I, well, I could keep the male bikers entertained. Lily thinks that’s actually a great idea. I could be put in the gang’s “stable”, a confined part of their club house where they keep several naked slaves. So far all of them are female but a male wouldn’t hurt. I would have to service all the gay and bisexual members, which means blowing them, rimming their hairy assholes, getting assfucked, spitroasted, and receiving cum showers. But I need to show real enthusiasm. Without any further contemplation or asking me, you accept that deal. And you and Lily kiss to seal it.”*This is a Custom Video.You’ll also love Leaving You Bound & Gagged With Your Daughter’s Dirty Panties Eating Her Prey: London River