Ass To Mouth

Bupshi – ass spreading & ass to mouth debut

I always expect serve lessons, when my master instructs to get me prepared for a training session, but this time he forces me into something, I was sure I will never ever accept – doing ass to mouth… I got me dressed into a pink latex outfit with ballet heels on my feet, like my master wished. He starts with locking up my inner labia rings with a golden pad lock, than he places the vacuum pump on my pussy. With several pumps, my pussy gets sucked deep into the cup and I immediately feel howstarts to fill my pussy lips and clit. With the vacuum cup on my pussy I have to turn around to present my ass hole. He takes a speculum and inserts it into my ass hole and immediately starts to open it up by turning a screw. To avoid too much screaming I get a ring gag between my teeth. My master screws open the speculum wider and wider and my sphincter gets forced open wide. He starts to finger my ass hole. In between the ass worship he takes a whip to get my ass cheeks pink. After a while he decides to remove the speculum and to proceed with his hand on my ass. Finger after finger gets forced into my already pre-stretched ass hole to finally have four fingers of his big hand up my ass.Finally he is satisfied with my stretched ass and starts to fuck my swollen pussy. It feels amazing, with all thein my clit and pussy lips and still having the pad lock hanging from my inner labia. But I know that he will not only fuck my pussy, as he took quite some effort to widen up my ass. It takes not long till I get the proof, that I am right. He switches over to fuck my ass. Without any effort his cock enters my stretched ass hole and fucks it hard.During fucking my ass he starts telling me, that it is time for me to learn something new. When I hear, that he insists to take me ass to mouth I am shocked. We often talked about my limits and he asked me several times before, if I am ready for ass to mouth. I always told him, that I love to explore may mind blowing sexual experiences, but ass to mouth is a disgusting thing what I never want do.It was for sure his plan to come up with this topic again during he fucks my ass hard, knowing that I can’t think clear in that moment. Without further asking he stops fucking my ass, turns me around and pushes his cock into my face. I try to avoid taking it into my mouth, but still having the ring gag between my teeth I can’t resist too long.He pushes his cock through the ring gag into my mouth and forces me to suck. After a while he removes the gag and instructs to further suck the cock. I realize that there is no sense to resist, especially as I am horny as hell and want to get fucked even more.After I licked his cock clean, he again takes my still swollen super hot pussy. It feels so amazing having his cock again in there. Than he switches to my fucking ass hole again. He intensely penetrates it and I completely start loosing my mind, becoming the three hole fuck slut he wants me to be. I even start begging, that he should please fuck my mouth again during he fucks my ass. He is really pleased when he hears that from my mouth and it takes not long to have his hot cock again deep in my mouth. I can’t control me any longer, and have to start finger my pussy while I lick and suck his cock. When he finally squirts his hot load over my face and into my mouth I come with a great squirting orgasm.I never thought that I will ever say that, but I think I am an ass to mouth loving slut from now on…  The whole clip is a one shot without cutting, so you can be sure that there is no fake 😉