Oil My Giant Ass And Worship! – Julie Cash

Clip Time: 5 Minutes Clip Size: 166/mb
Oil My Giant Ass And Worship! - Julie Cash

Mistress Julie begins by making her slave kneel behind her and spread oil all over her giant ass while she bends over a desk. You get a slave’s eye view while he massages the oil deep into her ass, and when she is ready, Julie commands him to bury his face deep in her ass. When he finally comes up for air, he spreads her cheeks revealing her perfect round asshole for you to see and then plunges his face back in to worship! His tongue flickers softly on her asshole while she tells him, "Worship my giant booty!" She then forces him to the floor and turns around to rub her huge ass in his face, smothering him hard while you get an amazing view of her big tits and dripping wet pussy as he licks for her pleasure! When Julie turns around to reveal her giant ass to you, she keeps him underneath her where he belongs so he can continue to lick his mistress’ clit to her contentment!

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