Goddess Kelli – Live in MY Ass

Clip Time: 6 Minutes Clip Size: 132/mb
Goddess Kelli - Live in MY Ass

Goddess Kelli has the most amazing ass. Those of you who have watched her clips will agree. She has independent control over each ass cheek and can make men weak just with the way she shakes her ass. Her slave cannot control himself and begs to be in her ass at all times. She clamps his nipples to make the experience painful. Why should he get all that pleasure without some pain? then she sits hard on his face and orders him to push his head right up her big ass. Her pussy gets wet from the feeling of him smothering in her ass. She starts fingering her pussy while he must lick and suck her asshole. As Goddess Kelli gets more and more aroused, she starts bouncing harder and harder on his face. She is clearly having a VERY erotic time face sitting the poor boy. "You will LIVE in MY ass," she commands. Can you imagine a better life than that? We don’t think so.

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