Georgia Wants to Lick Faye’s Little Poop Hole & Give it a Spit-Shine

Clip Time: 11 Minutes Clip Size: 517/mb
Georgia Wants to Lick Faye's Little Poop Hole & Give it a Spit-Shine

High Definition WMV 720p – Georgia Jones is dying to worship Faye Reagan’s ass. She can’t keep her hands off of Faye’s butt and keeps playing with it and snapping her leotard on her butt. Georgia tells Faye she wants to lick her little poop hole and give it a spit-shine! Faye is having nothing to do with that and tells her that she needs her mouth full of soap for talking dirty like that. She tells Georgia that she needs to stop misbehaving, but Georgia has no intentions of doing that! When Faye tells her no again Georgia says, "I bet you’d let my brother do it." That makes Faye’s eyes widen and puts a smile on her face. Georgia makes fun of Faye for always drooling over her brother. Faye tells Georgia that if she will get her brother to have sex with her then Faye will let Georgia eat her ass! Georgia knows she can’t convince her brother to fuck Faye or anything else, but she lies to her just so she can finally get her tongue inside that sexy asshole! She tells Faye that she can’t wait to smell her sweaty ass and rolls her over on her stomach so she can. At first Georgia is just spreading and sniffing Faye’s asshole, but then she spits on it and starts licking it! Faye is instantly loving it, but she’s pretending she isn’t. She keeps telling her to stop licking it, but she keeps pushing Georgia’s face deeper into her ass! Then she uses her feet to keep Georgia’s face buried deep in her crack. Georgia spreads her butt cheeks wide open and keeps tongue fucking that wet puckered asshole while Faye moans louder and louder. While she’s eating her ass Georgia is rubbing Faye’s clit and pussy slit right through her thin leotard. Then Georgia rolls Faye onto her back and eats her ass while Faye pulls her legs behind her head. Georgia quickly flicks her tongue back and forth on Faye’s sexy butthole! That is too much for Faye to handle, and she explodes in orgasm. Georgia starts to make out with Faye and tells her that she’s a whore letting her stick her dirty ass covered tongue inside her mouth! Faye kisses her a few times but then she’s off to try and find Georgia’s brother for some more.

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