Cuckold Ass Worship – Mistress Jessa Rhodes

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 254/mb
Cuckold Ass Worship - Mistress Jessa Rhodes

Incredibly BEAUTIFUL Mistress Jessa Rhodes starts this clip by saying "How’s my favorite little cuckie boy today? You have done such a good job of sitting in the corner watching me get fucked my a real man that I have decided to reward you! You are going to have the privelege of licking my beautiful asshole." She orders you to crawl on your hands and knees to her and tells you that you are a good boy. Then she orders you to bury your face in her ass. She spreads her ass and pulls you in so you get a really close look at her starfish. She tells you what a good boy you are while she tells you about how she will be fucking her boyfriend later and that you will be shining his shoes while she fucks him and you will be cleaning her up afterwards. In the end she gives you 10 seconds to cum while licking her tight little asshole! JESSA RHODES IS THE HOTTEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD- YOU NEED TO PLEASE HER!!

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