Ass Fetish

Ass Muscle Flexing Worship

As this being the LARGEST muscle group to develop?! It demands obsession! the kind of Obsession you have for my gorgeously perfect physique.  This is the exact expectation I have of my loyal devoted and amazing beta’s. You LOVE everything about my physique, a true Muscle Goddess whom you’re utterly mesmerized by my grace, my energy and my seductive voice.  These flexing sessions are real! I am pumped! My muscle contraction and focus is visible in every flex of my perfect muscle. It’s a rarity to find a Goddess such as I, no one else can make you experience and session like I do. These powerful strong Glutes will smother you! humble you to your knees and crush your puny little self. I will teach you how to properly worship these magnificent Glutes.  They are paramount in perfect physique development. Worshipping these?! you’re privileged to see years of pure dedication and sacrifice I as your Goddess made to become a Supreme Goddess.CONSISTS OF: MUSCLE GODDESS, BACK FETISH, STRONG BACK, BACK MUSCLE, MUSCLE FETISH, FLEXING FETISH, MIND FUCK, FEMDOM, FEMALE DOMINATION, FEMALE SUPREMACY, GODDESS WORSHIP, SUB TRAINING, SLAVE TRAINING, GODDESS WORSHIP, SENSUAL DOMINATION, TEASE GODDESS, MESMERIZE, MIND FVCK