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Saphira Plays The Counting Game -

I haven’t seen Saphira in many years so when her parents call to tell me they are going to a concert in my state and ask if they can drop Saphira off to spend the night I jump at the opportunity. She was always such a cutie and I can’t wait to see her again. When she arrives, I find her even prettier than I remember her. I sit her on my lap and we talk about old times, what she is now doing, and so on. We talk about the games we used to play, and I bring up one called "the counting game". In it, I spank or pinch her butt quickly and repeatedly and she would have to guess how many times I touched her. I she got it correct she would get a present and, now that she is older, I tell her I’ll give her $5 for each correct answer. We start but after a while she hasn’t gotten a single one right. She thinks it is because she cannot feel my hand thru her pajamas so asks if she can remove them. I say ‘sure’ so she strips out of them and lays bare-assed over my lap. I continue the game with spanks, pinches and finger probing until she has won $25. I announce I’m out of money but we can continue the next day with an even more exciting game.

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